Welcome To Gold Slayer Products!

Welcome to Gold Slayer!

We make high quality products for the mining industry all around the world. We are a Canadian Small Home Based Business that stands behind our products and will always give you the personalized touch to your buying experience! Feel comfortable buying from an experienced miner, 3D Designer and Metal Fabricator who pays attention to the finest of details and wants you to share in the amazing and HIGHLY functional designs that we have come up with!

We Manufacture on Small Scales, Miller Tables, Clean Up Sluices and Highbanker / Sluice Leg Kits, Sluice Box Blanks so you can make your own sluice boxes or even a highbanker! Even our cool new Bucket Handles will help with your mining adventures! Our products will help you tame your gold fever!

Now Stocking Keene V Ribbed Sluice Matting!!!

NOW PROVIDING SLUICE BOX BLANKS!!! Build Your Own Creations From Scratch!

Made in Canada by Miners for Miners!

We use 3D Printing Technology and Aluminum in our products, they are state of the art and great looking too! We know you will be surprised when you see how well they work at catching even the finest of gold! We live here in BC and have claims along the Mighty Fraser River and if you know anything about the Fraser River you will know it produces some of the hardest and finest gold to capture on the planet earth! We know how to get the gold trapped! You have come to the right place for your prospecting equipment!

We look forward to doing business with you & most of all thank you for considering supporting a small business!

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