The Gold Slayer Miller Table

Looking to catch the finest of fine gold or any size gold for that matter our 8″x 24″ miller table features an 8″ leg kit, a threaded glass vial attachment, unique surface coating which holds on to gold like glue! Includes a 3/4″ ID hose barbed fitting for connecting your water source to the table. The table surface is made out of heavy gauge aluminum and high impact 3D Printed parts. Our Gold Slayer Miller table has been uniquely designed to have internal baffling system to allow for even water flow!

The Gold Slayer Miller Table is one of a kind with a hole in the table for you to screw a glass gold vial (included) into the bottom of the table, then while running the miller table all you have to do is brush the gold flakes over to the hole on the table and in to your vial below for a SUPER EASY clean up process. Forget about Blue Bowls, Clean Up Sluices or even trying to fight through those tough black sands by hand! The Gold Slayer Miller Table will destroy all the black sands and unwanted material and leave you with nothing but pure shiny GOLD sticking to the table!

The high impact 3D Printed Plastics and Aluminum parts, allow for extreme durability and great visual appearance!! All plastic parts are extremely durable, however we want you to feel as confident as we do when purchasing our equipment. We make our parts to last – and if they don’t, we want to know about it!! As long as our parts don’t show excessive abuse or stress we will be happy to replace any parts you have issues with! Just contact us and we will be happy to help!

All the accessories* you will need to get this miller table up and running are a small 12v electric (bilge) pump, hose (3/4″ ID PVC Tubing), a ball valve to control water flow rates, small paint brush and a settling tub.

For a pump you will need a 600-1100 GPH bilge pump, recommended with a ball valve to control water speed and flow volume.

If you purchase the Pump and Hose kit WITH the miller table you get the hose, pump, ball valve and everything you need to get started! (NOT ALWAYS IN STOCK)

EACH Gold Slayer Miller Table is HAND made in CANADA by us…. Miners…. We use what we sell! We are a SMALL Local business located In British Columbia Canada and take EXTREME pride in the quality and workmanship of our Miller Tables!

Made and Shipped from Canada, Made By Miners, FOR MINERS!

Want to know how to set up your miller table CLICK HERE! For a DEMO of how it works please CLICK HERE!!

Support a Small Business!

  • 1 Glass Gold Vial Included!
  • Accessories (Pump, Hose, Valve & Settling Tub) Not Included – But A Pump, Valve & Hose Can Be Added To Your Oder Upon Checkout For An Additional Charge

$179.95 CAD

$179.95 CAD

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